Our Plan

Here at Notebook, we consider ourselves first-responders. We want to work on the front lines and attack all problems at the source. By going into classrooms and teaching students through different collaborative activities that not only connect the student to what they learn in school but things they do throughout life. With our extraordinary team of educators, we have developed a curriculum that is shown to not only engage and excite the students but also improve their learning processes and abilities.

We have created a  plan of action, to successfully impact every classroom we enter. By allowing people in the community to enter these classrooms as trained Peer Educators, we expose youth to the leaders in their community to give the overall sense of support. Here is a basic breakdown of our game plan.

Here at Notebook, we have come up with four pillars of learning, which include, Hearing, Saying, Seeing and Doing. We feel that with these being the basis of our curriculum we will be able to personalize every experience inside and outside of the classroom. With these four tools, we are able also to effectively deliver our mission and reach every goal we set.