Notebook + Battle Creek

IMG_0132.JPGBringing Notebook to our own community has always been a goal on our list. Now we actually have the chance to do it and we couldn’t be more excited.

During the month of May, Notebook visited Fremont Elementary School in Battle Creek. While working with the students and staff, we were able to learn a lot about the community from the perspective of a 5th grader. With this information, we were able to create custom activities for these students that allowed them to be engaged in collaborative and creative activities. These activities not only got them thinking about how their performance in elementary school can affect their future, but it also shined a light on many students who didn’t think they could be anything. By working with these students we were not only able to see how excited they were about their own future, but also the future of their peers.

Although this is only the beginning, these results have been more than we expected and we can’t wait to come back to Battle Creek!