Welcome to Notebook

Dear Dreamer,

Hello, and welcome to Notebook. I would like to personally introduce myself, my name is Thomas Brown Jr. and I am the Founder of Notebook. First I would just like to thank you for visiting our website. We here at Notebook truly appreciate every ounce of support we can get. With our mission to teach, inspire and change, support from people like you enables us to use our imaginations and inspire the next person. So once again thank you.

Here at Notebook, we are committed to expanding the way children learn , by allowing them to learn in a way that is comfortable for them. At a young age, I lost my imagination and was unable to create. I couldn’t come up with anything, simply becauseĀ I didn’t recognize the importance of using my imagination to expanding my mind which eventually allowed me to better my own education. That was until my third-grade teacher forced me to be creative every single day, and from then on I have never been the same. This experience led me to start Notebook in 2016. After realizing how important it is to create, I had to share my findings with the world. I thought it would be perfect to share them with people who are around the same age I was when I was taught to dream.

So here we go, now we are knee deep in this journey and we are continuing to inspire, teach and expand. We are committed to the never-ending growth of dreamers, simply because you never know if you’re in the presence of the next President, Astronaut, Architect or even the next educational mastermind. Join us and we embark on this journey to change the world by teaching everyone to simply dream.

Dream on my friends.


Thomas Brown Jr.

Founder/ CEO